5 Cool Tricks to Use Flatiron for Any Hair Type 3


There is nothing more beautiful than smooth, shiny, silky hair. In order to achieve the perfect look, you will most likely use a flat iron. However, you need to remember a few tricks when using this device. It produces a lot of heat, which can be quite dangerous if you do not know a few of these useful tricks.

1. Condition Your Hair

5 Cool Tricks to Use Flatiron for Any Hair Type 3This is the number one mistake that most people who use a flat iron make. They assume that just because they have used a protectant, their hair will be safe. However, the protectant only supplements hair that is already strong on its own. The huge amounts of heat can cause most of your hair to break off if you do not use the right type of conditioner. If you have not used conditioner on your hair, you have no business touching the flat iron. Any results you get will hardly last the week.

2. Stop When You Hear Sizzling

5 Cool Tricks to Use Flatiron for Any Hair Type 3As you use a flat iron, ensure that your hair does not have any moisture. If hear a sizzle during application of the flat iron, stop immediately. If you use any products to try to dry your hair, you should stop that. Let the hair dry out completely. If there is a sizzle and you are sure that your hair is dry, there is a high chance that you have clumps of product build up in your hair. Try to get rid of this build up before you proceed. The sizzling is the product being forced into the hair. It will weaken the hair and you will start seeing breakages soon.

3. Section Your Hair

This might be one of the reasons your flat iron does not seem to do anything for you. If you just randomly grab clumps of hair, it will damage your hair more than make it pretty. In addition, there is a high chance that you end up going over the same clump twice if you are not organized. Using a flat iron too long on one section could damage your hair.

4. Lower The Heat

Unless you are a professional hair stylist, never go all the way to 450 degrees. This could burn off huge clumps of hair from your head. As an untrained person, only go to 365 degrees. It may take a bit longer but at least you will be safe.

5. Upgrade your flat iron

5 Cool Tricks to Use Flatiron for Any Hair Type 3If you inherited you flat iron from your mother, it is time to upgrade to the newer models and take a look at and read some hair straightener reviews, learn more here. The flat iron will only perform as good as its features. There are many different types of materials that are used on modern flat irons. This makes them more efficient than the older machines. In addition, older models take excruciatingly long to recover. This may affect how effective the flat iron is in giving that look you desire.


With these few tricks, you should more beautiful hair than before. Be careful about the specific type of hair you have. Flat irons work differently with different types of hair.

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