Manchester United Top 5 Players of All Times


Manchester United is one of the oldest teams in the English Premier League. Over time, they have won over a huge fan base, thanks to their superb performance on the peach. This would not have been possible without the input of some exceptional players. They have helped to define the club’s quality and likeability the world over.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United Top 5 Players of All TimesThis is definitely one of the best players of Manchester United and the world over. His skills on the pitch are unmatched by any other player of his time. The only player that has ever come close to this maestro’s performance on the football field is Lionel Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo was able to develop his own unique style of play.

This helped Manchester United win a few notable trophies. A unique strength of this player is his ability to assist players to score goals during matches. In addition, he has the ability to score with both feet. Besides that, CR7 has been able to score many beautiful goals using just his head

2. Wayne Rooney

Manchester United Top 5 Players of All TimesThis is another awesome player. He has given much of his professional life as a footballer to one of the greatest football clubs on earth. He has proven his mettle since the age of sixteen. He is an all-around player who can shoot, score and passes the ball to members of his team. In addition, Wayne Rooney is able to use his head to score goals. He has also proven that besides being a striker, he can play comfortably from the midfield. He still has a lot of potentials and we can expect much more from this excellent player before he hangs up his boots.

3. Eric Cantona

Manchester United Top 5 Players of All TimesHis stay at Manchester United was a memorable one. The Frenchman played a huge role in United’s successful 1993 season. The next five years were quite awesome during the time he stayed at the Club.

4. George Best

Manchester United Top 5 Players of All TimesAnyone who enjoyed the game of football has heard about this great player. George Best set records that took many years to break. I addition, he helped propel Manchester United to the status of one of the best football clubs in English history. The only downside to this awesome player is that his home country never made it to the World Club during the time he played. His name would probably be mentioned above those of Pele and Maradona.

5. Bobby Charlton

Manchester United Top 5 Players of All TimesThis player is one of the few notable English football players to have ever held the world cup. He set records for both country and club during his days of play. He helped Manchester United to become one of the powerhouses in English football during most of the 60s. He was a strong player who could dribble well in his position as an attacking midfielder. During his career at Manchester United, he scored 199 goals for them.


These are all great players who made huge contributions to what has become Manchester United today. They are all legends in their own right. Some of them still play for the club. Others have moved on to greater things, where they continue to do amazing things.

History and Advances of Paintball Game


Paintball traces its origins back to the 80s when players would use compressed air to fire dye-filled projectiles at their opponents. The aim of the game is to mark the opponent with a pellet that explodes on impact. The game has since evolved and is now played on tournament level the world over.

How Do They Begin?

Originally, paintball guns were just farm equipment. Farmers who would color their cattle for various reasons used these guns. For instance, a farmer might color his herd to differentiate it from others in the area. However, it was only a matter of time before someone saw the hidden potential of these guns.

History and Advances of Paintball GameA group of friends, who were twelve in number held a wager on who had the best survival skills between the city boys and the great outdoors survivalists. This led to the first paintball game in recorded history. It took place in over a hundred acres of natural woodland.

Luckily, one of the participants in the game worked for Sports Illustrated as a writer. When he went back to the office, he wrote a thrilling piece on the new game they had invented. Later on, paintball caught on like wildfire. However, the industry was still not supportive enough for the game. Most of the games were crudely played.

Besides that, there was no standard safety equipment for playing this game. People had to result to coming up with their own equipment. In addition, the paintball guns of that era were quite weak. They would regularly run out of power in the middle of a game. One of the solutions to this problem was that players would begin throwing paintballs at each other. But things have changed today and you can find an array of good paintball guns, starting with this paintball gun comparison chart and the safety equipment has come a long way as well so now people can enjoy the game to the max.

How Did It Evolve?

By the end of the 80s, the game had caught on and there was now a lot of interest in it. It also began to feature in film and drama, which helped to propel its popularity. Soon companies were being set up to meet the growing demand. By the early 90s, paintball had become an established and recognizable sport.

The first company to begin large-scale manufacturing of paintball equipment was the Nelson paint company. By the 90s, the company had become so big it had to split into two. The original company continued to concentrate on making paint. The second company now concentrated on the making of paintball guns and pellets.

How Does Modern Paintball Work?

History and Advances of Paintball GameThe game now has a set of standard rules and it is played in official paintball enclosures. Unlike the original game, modern paintball is played either indoors or outdoors. Most of the obstacles used in modern paintball games are made artificially. In addition, there is standardized gear and equipment that all players must have during a game. Protective goggles and helmet are the most important aspect of the safety gear.


With enough innovation, any sport can come from something. The game continues to grow with international tournaments now being a regular thing. It is a game of survival that teaches players how to skillful strategists.