10 Best Reykjavik Luxury Hotels


Reykjavik continues to experience a boom in the hotel industry. As this happens, more and more hotels are expanding their capacity to cash in. However, this has not been done at the expense. The country is still home to some of the finest hotels on earth. If you are planning a trip to Iceland to this awesome city, you might want to consider a few of these hotels.

1. Alda Hotel

10 Best Reykjavik Luxury HotelsThis is one of the latest additions to Reykjavik’s hotel offering. This quaint hotel offers visitors a taste of Nordic culture. Everything in the buildings has a heavy Nordic feel to it. The hotel is conveniently at the edge of this magnificent city on the eastern edge. This is an opportunity for you to enjoy Reykjavik’s nightlife and some shopping.

2. Kex Hostel

10 Best Reykjavik Luxury HotelsThis is the coolest hotels you will come across anywhere in the world. The hotel maintains a minimalist outlook with live bands that play in the bar. The hostel can accommodate 142 guests. This is inclusive of three dorms that are reserved only for women. The hostel features a minimalist stairwell and a little sign. This is a ploy to increase the wow factor when you reach the lounge and bar.

3. Centerhotel Arnarhvoll

10 Best Reykjavik Luxury HotelsThis hotel features a boring-looking grayish that conceals the wonders inside. The top floor of the hotel is a Sky Lounge. This is accessible to all visitors to the hotel. The hotel offers an excellent of the nearby mountain range. In case it happens that the sun comes out, you can view it on the patio.

4. Hotel Odinsve

10 Best Reykjavik Luxury HotelsThe hotel has a capacity of fifty rooms and is rated four-star. Even if you miss the chance to stay at the hotel, you can still visit its awesome restaurant, known as Snaps. The head chef serves one of the best cuisines in all of the Iceland.

5. Hotel Holt

10 Best Reykjavik Luxury HotelsThis artsy hotel will definitely be worth paying a visit. The hotel has on offer, a huge private collection of art, which features over four hundred pieces. These range from sculptures and paintings of renowned Icelandic painters.

6. 101 Hotel

10 Best Reykjavik Luxury HotelsThis cool hotel will be worth paying a visit, especially if you are a person who is young or adventurous. The hotel features a unique design. From the ceiling to the art pieces, you will be thoroughly impressed.

7. Reykjavik Residence Hotel

10 Best Reykjavik Luxury HotelsThis hotel was formerly the residence of the Norwegian embassy. This huge building has an old feel of elegance to it. It also comes with kitchenettes for those who fancy trying making some Icelandic dishes.

8. Peace Center Guesthouse

10 Best Reykjavik Luxury HotelsThis hotel has a unique story to it. If you rent a room here, the funds are funneled towards humanitarian work all over the world. The hotel is found on the artsy side of town. Visitors thus get a bohemian feel to it.

9. Kerlingarfjöll Mountain Resort

10 Best Reykjavik Luxury HotelsFor those who have an adventurous heart, this hotel will be worth paying a visit. It is built as a nature resort in the awesome mountains found near Reykjavik.

10. Apotek Hotel

10 Best Reykjavik Luxury HotelsThe hotel is found in a building that was designed by the former head of Iceland’s architectural department. Before it became a hotel in 2014, it was also a club and restaurant. The building was designed in 1917 and it was once a renowned landmark in Iceland.


If you are planning a trip to Iceland, you should consider these hotels. They are worth every penny. Visiting the capital has been made easier by international airline conducting regular stopovers there.

6 Things to Do In Iceland


With the collapse of Iceland’s economy, which forced it to declare bankruptcy things have become quite cheap. As a result, more people have been coming to his country on their tour of Europe. The country has a lot to offer visitors who want to stay in this ever frozen country. These are some of the best activities to spruce up your visit to the nation. Note that you can seek the assistance of tour guides if you want to get the most from your trip. There are several guides available and tour options for you to choose from but we recommend Iceland Buddy over at which offered us some great tips on travelling to iceland when doing research work on this article.

1. Tour Reykjavik

6 Things to Do In IcelandReykjavik is one of the hippest cities in Europe the people are obsessed with creating unique artsy buildings that are a sight to behold. In addition, it offers one of the liveliest nightlife on earth. You will have an awesome time club hopping in this beautiful town. It will also be a chance to view its magnificent architecture.

2. Whale Watching

6 Things to Do In IcelandThe country is perfectly located in a whale-rich region. A number of tour companies that offer you the chance to go and view these gentle giants. Whaling is also allowed in the country. Consequently, this might be an opportunity for you to taste whale. The whale-watching season usually picks from May and ends in September.

3. Dive between A Pair of Tectonic Plates

6 Things to Do In IcelandIf you are a fan of geography, this will be something interesting to do. The fissure between the Eurasian and American tectonic plates can be found in Iceland. A visit to the Thingvellir National Park is the only chance you will ever have to view such a fissure in the world. Although there is no notable marine life, it will be something worth doing

4. Visit a Field Full of Geysers

6 Things to Do In IcelandThe country is one of the places on earth where you get to watch in a huge volcanic field full of bubbling pools and erupting geysers. The Strokkur spring is currently the most notable ones in Iceland. Furthermore, it erupts to a height to forty meters every few minutes.

5. Watch The Northern Lights

6 Things to Do In IcelandThe country offers you to watch beautiful auroras dance in the night sky. However, the conditions have to be perfect for you to see them. You should pick a time when there is no moon. In addition, you plan your trip between November and March. This is when the lights are most visible. In order to view them, you should choose a mountainous area, with little interference from the city lights. There are tour companies that offer visitors trips to awesome locations to see the Northern Lights.

6. Take a Deep In the Blue Lagoon

6 Things to Do In IcelandThis huge natural spa is heated by the volcanic activity of nearby lava fields. It is always open on any season of the year. You can visit a bar for some natural smoothies near this natural spa. In addition to that, you can also get skin enhancing treatment during your visit to this place.


Iceland is a magnificent country with many natural wonders to see. If you are ever in the country, consider engaging in some of these activities. In addition, make sure you remember to bring along your camera.